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date:: 1/29/02

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POW! Paint from Big Messy Art

If you like messy and thrilling rolled into one exciting art project, this is it! Put the ingredients into a baggie, stand back, and POW! An explosive piece of art!


large piece of paper

paper towels


baking soda

measuring cups and spoons

thin, bright paint of any kind

white vinegar

zipper-closure plastic baggies


1.  Spread out a large sheet of plain paper on the ground outside or in a nice big space inside.

2.  Prepare the paint bags. Start by cutting a paper towel into fourths.

3.  Put 2 tablespoons (30ml) baking soda into the middle of a paper towel square.

4.  To make a paper towel pillow to hold the baking soda, fold over the sides and then the ends of the paper towel around the pile of baking soda. Place the pillow of baking soda into a baggie.

5.Add 2 teaspoons (10ml) paint to 1 cup (250ml) white vinegar. Pour the colored vinegar into the baggie with the baking soda pillow. Quickly close the baggie and place it on the big piece of paper. Stand back! The baking soda and vinegar will mix and pop the bag open to explode paint onto the paper.

6.  Do many explosions for one painting or one explosion per painting.


Experiment with different types of paint or food coloring.

Use cardboard or extra heavy paper, bigger bags, and/or more ingredients.

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4th of July Flags

Materials Needed: 1 12 in. long dowel rod (5/16 in. dia.), large stamp with 4th of July theme, 1 5 in. x 8 in. piece of white or ivory burlap, red or blue tempra paint, red blue or silver puff paint, silver or gold glitter, red blue or silver thin ribbon (like that used for birthday gifts) and a hot glue gun.

This may sound like a lot of materials but some are optional depending on how much work and artistry you want to put in. I did this activity with a 3 1/2 year old and an eight year old. They loved it!

Steps: * Steps 1 and 2 I did before introducing the craft to the kids!*

1. Tightly wrap ribbon around dowel rod and glue on ends. This makes the rod look a lot nicer.

2. Hot glue the burlap piece to the top of the rod like a real flag.

3. Help the kids dip the stamp in the paint and press it down on their flag.

4.  Allow them to use the puff paint to decorate the flag however they wish.

5. Help them sprinkle glitter on the wet paint to create a very sparkly and very patriotic flag!




Fire works

We took plain white paper and went outside. Next, we dropped Koosh balls in colored paint, and then dropped them on the paper.  While the paint was still wet, we added glitter. The kids loved the part of throwing the balls.  Being outside it was easy clean up!! This looked just like fireworks!  We added a small poem:

I spy with my little eye 
These bright colored fireworks 
On the Forth of July

Rosa Fernandez


Patriotic Flags:

Go to Home Depot and grab a bunch of sticks (to mix the paint, they are free). Divide the sticks in three parts, have the children paint one blue, one red and the other one white (for the little ones you can cover two parts of the stick with tape so they don't mix the colors) and let it dry and then put stars on the blue part of the stick (use star shape stickers. It looks very pretty).



We did this with our 3's and up. You need medium or large baby food jars, red, white and blue tempra paint and sticker stars. You then can use old sponges or paint brushes to paint the inside of a baby jar red or blue. We did red for the girls and blue for the boys. Set aside to dry. It doesn't matter if their are some streaks. Next you need to put the sticker stars on the outside of the jar. These can be in any order or design. Just don't cover the whole thing. At this point we put the white tempra paint over the top of the baby jar, stars included. This might need to be done twice. Set aside to dry. When dry peel the stickers off. The color on the inside should be revealed in the shape of a star. We put votive candles on the inside of our baby jars and made our own 4th of July light. It looks almost like stained glass and is non-flammable. Good luck!



3-D Fireworks: 

Mix a batch of clear gelatin (Sur-Jel) Have children choose any small or medium size container to use as a Jell-O mold. Bowls work well, but the more interesting the better. Once the Jell-O sets well, remove from the mold and place upside down on plate or work surface. Using colored water or tempra paint (red, blue, etc...) in eye droppers, have the kids insert the droppers into the middle of the jell and slowly remove as they squeeze in the colors. Repeat around the mold until the desired 3-D fireworks production is complete. To add to the effect, play Patriotic music or Marches in the background!



Mix dish detergent, water, and tempura paint in three bowls. Make one bowl red, and one blue. Have the children dip bubble blowing sticks in the bowls and they will blow the blue and red bubbles on a white sheet of paper. It looks neat to see all different creations.



Provide red...white...blue tempera paint in 3 meat trays, one for each color. In each meat tray put a gadget that is a stick with sponge loops on the end...(It's a bathroom item that I got at a 1.00 store. Stamp the paint onto a black paper. It ends up looking like firework clusters in the dark sky.



Date: 7-8-99

To make cute 4th of July window hangings, have the children brush liquid starch on a clear plastic plate, then let them tear up an stick on pieces of red, white, and blue streamers, tissue paper, napkins, stars, etc. I used shiny confetti stars also and napkins with fireworks on them - the starch soaks through the thin pieces (if they put a lot of decorations on you may have to brush starch on top also)and you can see through either side. The kids loved it and it came out really cute!



Date: 7-8-99

Fireworks for the 4th: I let my class collect pine needles that have fallen from the trees near our playground. I tape groups of these needles together, and the children use them as paintbrushes. For the best effect, use a white piece of construction paper, and give the children 2 or 3 different colors of tempera paint; yellow and red look lovely together!


Date: 7-1-99

firework bursts *koosh balls of asstd sizes *paint(thin-on a flat surface) *glitter *black paper

have children dip koosh balls into the paint and then stamp onto their paper. when finished, sprinkle multi color glitter over the paint. finished result looks like firework bursts in the night sky. **works great if you have that new paint-gel that has glitter already mixed in it and eliminates the second part.


Date: 6-30-99

This is a festive 4th of July art project!

This is a two stage project. First, cut blue construction paper in half lengthwise. Have each child sponge paint stars on one piece of the construction paper.

On the other end of the table, put a piece of white construction paper in a pizza box. Put marbles dipped in red tempera in the box and let the children roll them around.

After the paint has dried, cut the red and white paper into strips about an inch wide. Staple the two ends of the blue paper design together then staple the strips of red and white paper so that they are hanging down from the blue piece to make a great windsock!

Poke two holes in the top of the top of the blue star paper and insert yarn, knot it at the top and viola! A festive patriotic decoration they are proud to display!


Date: 6-30-99

"B.B.Q. Hamburgers" What's "The Fourth" without a B.B.Q picnic? Cut out 2 round hambuger buns ror each child from brown const. paper. Then from black paper cut out a patty, and from green paper,lettuce, and from red a tomatoe slice, and you might want cheese to go on your 'burger so a cut out of cheese from yellow paper. Have the children paste it together as they think a hamburger should be. You could do the same basic Date: 6-30-99 with hotdog shapes. As a final touch to your picnic, glue hamburgers to paper plates, and add cut-out chips.


Name: Pat

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For fireworks, pour watered down tempera paint on a paper plate or shallow container; have kids dip toothbrushes in paint, bend brisltes back with fingers onto black construction paper. Creates a neat "spray" design. Sprinkle lightly with glitter for an even more sparkley effect.


Name: Cheryl

E-Mail: C5Joy@aol.com

Blow Painting:

Give each child a white piece of construction paper and a straw. Explain that you will be dropping a few drops of tempera paint (diluted red and blue) on their papers. Once the paint is on the paper, they are to blow the paint around with the straw to look like fireworks.


Name: Cheryl

E-Mail: C5Joy@aol.com

Fire Crackers:

Have the children make "4th of July Firecrackers" by painting a toilet paper tube red, white, or blue. After paint has dried, glue red, white and blue crepe paper streamers to tube. For variation, close off one end and fill with rice; then close off to make a noise shaker. After ends are glued shut, then glue on streamers. Children can stick on stars. Then play a variety of patriotic songs such as Yankee Doodle, Stars and Stripes Forever, You're a Grand Old Flag, etc. and let the children march and dance to the music.


Name: Cheryl

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Independence Day Bells: Give each child a paper cup and sheet of tinfoil and have them "wrap" the cup creating a silver bell.Help children poke popsicle sticks through top of "bell", securing popsicle stick with tape. Let each child thread a short piece of string/yarn through a bead or washer and tie to inside portion of popsicle stick.Have children decorate bells as desired.


Name: Angie

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Another way to make "fireworks" is to put a small dab of red and blue paint on a white sheet of paper and give the children straws to "blow paint." By blowing into the straw onto the paint, it will cause the paint to spread and look like fireworks. Fun! Fun!


Name: Cheryl

E-Mail: Mrs.Tim@aol.com

To make awesome firework designs, I put about 5 - 6 different colors of tempra paint on a plate so that the colors are touching . Do not mix the colors though. Then, I have the children use a popsicle stick or tongue depressor to dip the long edge of the stick into the paint across the colors. Then, the children may print it onto construction paper. You may need to show them how to put it into an "X" then a "I" through the middle and lastly a "-" throught that. So that it makes a star design, and there you'll have beautiful, vibrant fireworks! (even though this may sound a bit complex or hard to visualize what it may look like, it is very fun and ages 2 and up may participate, obviously with more assistance given. Also,it looks just as great if they don't make it into a "star-shape" but to create thier own designs.) TIP: this art looks best if used on black construction paper.*have fun*


Name: Dolores      E-Mail: Dmrkids@aol.com

Dip net dish scrubber into gold paint and other colors as well. Press onto black construction paper to represent fireworks.

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Stars and Stripes Collage


  • Blue construction paper

  • Red and white construction paper cut into 1" strips

  • Silver star stickers

  • glue


Set out all of the materials and let the children create!

Submitted by aactchrday@aol.com

Stars and Stripes Sponge Painting


  • Red and blue tempra paint

  • Sponges cut into stars and and long strips

  • White construction paper


Let the children make sponge prints on the white paper with the red and blue paint.

Submitted by aactchrday@aol.com

Red White and Blue Puffy Paint Pictures


  • Flour

  • Salt

  • Water

  • Red and blue food color

  • Empty mustard squeeze bottles

  • Cardboard


1.  Mix equal parts of flour, salt, and water to make the puffy paint.

2.  Divide mixture into three different bowls and color one bowl of mixture blue, one bowl red, and leave the last one white.

3.  Fill the mustard squeeze bottles with the mixture (one color per squeeze bottle).

4.  Let the children squeeze the different colors onto the cardboard.

5.  Allow the children's art work to dry.  When it is dry, the design will be raised and will sparkle!

Submitted by aactchrday@aol.com

Red White and Blue Salt Jars


  • Empty baby food jars with lids

  • 9 cups Rock Salt

  • Red and blue food color

  • 1/2 Cup rubbing alcohol



1.  To make the colored rock salt: Measure 3 cups of rock salt to be blue, 3 cups to be white and 3 cups to be red and place each in 3 separate bowls.

2.  Combine 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol with 1/2 a bottle or more of red food coloring (you want the color to be bright).  Do the same for the blue food coloring.

3.  Mix the red alcohol mixture into one of the bowls of rock salt.  Mix well and let sit for about 1 minute.  Drain the excess alcohol mixture off of the rock salt.  (WARNING:  This will smell pretty yucky!)  Spread the colored rock salt on cookie sheets and set outside in the sun to dry (this will take only an hour or so).  Repeat the same procedure for the blue food coloring.

4.  Do nothing with the remaining rock salt because you want it to stay white.

Activity For The Children

1.  Once the different colors of salt are dry, place them on a table with spoons and and baby food jars.

2.  Guide the children to spoon the colored rock salt into their jars.

3.  Seal the children's creation with the lids.